CEN CLC BT/WG 8 smart protection systems

CEN CLC BT/WG 8 on Protective textiles and personal protective clothing and equipment

In November 2012, the Programming Mandate M/509 to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI on Protective Textiles and Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment was accepted by CEN and CENELEC and a working group CEN-CENELEC BT/WG 8 was established to perform the tasks lined out in the programming mandate.
The general objectives were to establish a programme of standardisation deliverables, including Technical Reports and Technical Specifications that could eventually lead to European Standards for the three areas:

  1. Advanced integrated smart protection systems
  2. User-driven ergonomics and comfort
  3. Assessment of lifecycle cost and environmental impact

The programme should clearly identify the work items that are likely to involve the development or revision of harmonised standards supporting essential requirements of the Directive 89/686/EEC. The programme should also identify and indicate any needs to develop new test methods, including needs for inter-laboratory trials.
It was decided to split up the working group into 4 tasks groups, where the three abovementioned areas formed the basis:

Centexbel has the secretariat of this working group and the chair of task group 1. The integration of smart elements and novel materials and technology into personal protective equipment is moving from the prototype stage to first implementations, as also promoted by the EU FP7 project ‘Smart@fire’. Therefore the results from BT/WG 8 will be implemented in our PPE certification procedures.