BIOCOLOURS 2018 Call for abstracts

The biobased economy offers countless ways of preserving the climate and environment for future generations using sustainable, knowledge-based economies. A vast number of scientists, industries and entrepreneurs are working on sustainable biobased strategies, methods and products in different areas. One of these areas is natural biobased colourants.

Centexbel ondertekent Green Deal

Vlaanderen wil tegen 2050 een circulaire economie hebben, waarin grondstofkringlopen gesloten worden. Daarvoor hebben we andere producten, diensten en verdienmodellen nodig. Circulair aankopen is een belangrijke hefboom voor die verandering. Met hun aankoopbeleid kunnen overheden, bedrijven en andere organisaties immers circulaire producten en diensten een boost geven.

Op 8 juni 2017 ondertekende Stijn Devaere in naam van Centexbel de "Green Deal".

Le système de brevets d'un pays à l'autre

The Index of Patent Systems Strength is an annual composite index that rates the effectiveness and efficiency of the patent systems of 49 countries. The updated index is developed by Dr Nikolaos Papageorgiadis and Dr Konstantinos Alexiou based on the methodology by Papageorgiadis, Cross & Alexiou (2014) published at the Journal of World Business.

The interactive tool allows you to compare how each country ranked between 1998 and 2015 and create and export visualisations to use in reports or presentations.

European Inventor Award 2017

L'OEB, l'Office Européen de Brevets, a présenté les candidats des Inventor Awards 2017.

Permettez-nous de vous présenter deux candidats qui nous ont sauté à l'œil:

Le polyéthylène furanoate (PEF) d'Avantium

Lisez davantage sur cette alternative verte du PET.

Le superabsorber hydrophobe "Pure" de Deurex

Gagnez un des Factory of the Future Awards 2018

Comment participer au concours du Factory of the Future Award 2018?


Faites partie de ce groupe choisi d'entreprises avancées et présentez votre candidature avant le 20 septembre 2017!

Nyobe obtains STeP certificate

Nyobe located in Kruishoutem (Belgium) is the first Belgian producer of carpet yarns to obtain the STeP by Oeko-Tex® certificate.

Centexbel wins Techtextil Innovation Award

Frankfurt am Main

Centexbel is one of the eight winners of the Techtextil Innovation awards.

Our entry in the competition in the categorie New Applications was a smart kneebrace, capable of monitoring and communicating all knee angle movements of patients or athletes via bluetooth.


Centexbel's Smart t-shirt on television

The rtbf television station covered the Centexbel development of a smart t-shirt for the continous monitoring of health parameters.

We continue the research on this very promising and highly appreciated product in the INTERREG project WearIT4Health


BIO4SELF Newsletter 2

bio4self_Newsletter_2.pngThe BIO4SELF project aims to develop PLA self-reinforced composite materials with a high mechanical performance (impact strength and stiness), superior to the one of currently availabel self-reinforced polypropylene (PP).

The second volume of the Bio4Self newsletter covers the following topics:

  1. Project Overview
  2. Concept and approach

Advanced composite competences in the press

On the occasion of the Horizon Exploration on Composite Materials organised in Grâce-Hollogne, Engineeringnet Magazine published an inspired article on the competences of Centexbel and of various companies in the field of advanced composite materials in its March edition.