Health and Safety

Textiles promoting health, safety and personal protection

Of old, textiles are being used to protect human beings (and objects) against all kinds of influences and dangers (cold, contamination, blow impact...).

At this very moment public health, personal protection and safety re current themes receiving a lot of attention from the European Community. The EC foresees an increase of the average life expectancy resulting in a substantial ageing of the population.

knitted textiles for bone reconstruction

People do not only live longer, they also wish to enjoy the good life as long as they can, to live independently, to travel, to practice sports, to study, to indulge in several hobbies... In addition, the contemporary consumer has a marked preference for wellness-products. Body care, looking young and slim, comfort... are more important than ever.

The textile industry and Centexbel respond to this trends by developing products and evaluation methods in the field of protective and high visibility clothing, medical textiles, hygiene articles, smart textiles, cosmetotextiles, health monitoring trhough textile integrated electronics and conductive fibres...