Member benefits

CENTEXBEL clearly distinguishes between a selling price for members and a selling price for non-members. The difference is at least 10%.

However, this distinction does not apply for services, of which the tariffs have been established in consultation with or by third parties (e.g. Öko-Tex, GuT, Authorities…).

All loyal CENTEXBEL customers (members and non members) will be able to enjoy a 5% or 10% loyalty discount (in addition to the members' discount). This loyalty discount is given if the following conditions are fulfilled :

  • the loyalty discount is computed on the turnover for those services to which the member's tariffs apply
  • this turnover is realised between January 1st and December 31st of the calendar year
  • this bonus amounts to 5% for companies having realised an annual turnover of more than 5.000 EUR (excl. VAT) or to 10% for companies with an annual turnover exceeding 10.000 EUR (excl. VAT)
  • the loyalty bonus will automatically be applied to all invoices of the entire next year.

Net contracts may be made for very large series. Such net contracts, however, will not be taken into account for calculating the turnover bonus.

Members also receive special rates for training sessions