New peak of patent filings at the EPO in 2014

Although the precise numbers are still being worked on, indications are that we saw over 270 00 filings last year, an increase of approximately 3%. This is in line with the trend observed over the last four years with annual increases between 2% and 4%. Of course, there are big differences when looking more closely at the geographical origin of those filings.

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Six new substances on REACH candidate list

On 17 december 2014 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) added six new substances to the candidate list for authorisation, now including 161 substances.

Only the Candidate List published on the ECHA website is deemed authentic. Companies may have immediate legal obligations following the inclusion of a substance in the Candidate List on this website including in particular Articles 7, 31 and 33 of the REACH Regulation.

Substances on the list:

  • carcinogenic
  • mutagenic

Made in Green by Oeko-Tex

New product label for safe and sustainably produced textiles

Durbio: results with PTT yarn extrusion

PTT yarn extrusion in the Durbio project for Durable Biobased Plastics

Polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) is a linear aromatic polyester derived from the polycondensation of 1,3-propanediol (trimethylene glycol, 3G, or PDO) and, either terephthalic acid (PTA), or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT). The trimethylene glycol monomer derives from a renewable route, resulting in a content of renewable carbon in the polymer of 20 to 37 wt%.

The chemical composition is:


Better mechanical properties with microfibrils

Fibriltex: Microfibrillar reinforced textiles & composites

Microfibrillar reinforcements offer interesting possibilities to improve the properties of yarns and composites. Microfibrillar reinforcements have already been studied in injection moulding but their application in textile materials is quite new.

Théophile Legrand Textile Innovation Award

A new formula for the Théophile Legrand Textile Innovation Award

New rules in standardisation

From 1 January 2015 onward, new rules will apply in the approval procedure of new European standards. In fact, the rules applying in ISO will be adopted for the larger part. The reason to do so is to reduce the increasing pressure to reduce the time needed for the development of standards. By focusing on the first phases of the standardisation process, the steering at the end of the process will become more difficult.

Breakfast sessions 2015

Since several years, Centexbel organises the successul series "Breakfast sessions" on recent and industrially relevant technological and scientific evolutions.

At the very moment, we are preparing the 2015 "Breakfast Sessions" series.

OHIM introduces Fast Track for trade mark applications

Starting on 24 November, OHIM will offer trade mark applicants the opportunity to have their applications examined and published faster. This accelerated procedure is known as Fast Track and will be available free of charge to applicants who comply with certain conditions, such as paying upfront and selecting their goods and services from OHIM's database of accepted terms.

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New publication "Functional Finshes for Textiles"


Functional Finishes for Textiles: Improving Comfort, Performance and Protection

Editor: Roshan Paul
Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles
ISBN-13: 978-0857098399ISBN-10: 085709839X
Release: October 24, 2014