Product certification

Labels: what they are and what they're for...

Labels may serve different purposes. On the one hand they are used on a voluntary basis, on the other they may be the result of a mutual agreement between a producer and his client. Sometimes, labels are mandatory.

Labels mark the difference

In all cases, by applying labels, one desires to prove that one has acted in conformity with parameters in respect of:

  • product composition: fibre composition, coating composition...
  • presence of certain (harmful) substances : toxic substances such as pesticides, heavy metals, softeners, fire-retardant products...
  • maintenance/use of the product
  • production process (process validation)

Producers and other stakeholders (distribution sector, public services, maintenance companies, consumers...) can appeal to Centexbel for:

  • more information on labelling
  • definition of maintenance and users' instructions
  • testing of labelled products

Centexbel carries out tests commissioned by the authorities, expedition companies, importers, producers, consumers... in order to verify the conformity of the products with the label's requirements.

Finally, as an accredited testing and certification institute, Centexbel will test and certify products and processes.

In order to guarantee total impartiality and to avoid any conflict of interest, we explicitely exclude all product development in those areas covered by the CE certification scope for which we are accredited.


List of accredations for certification according to BELAC 056 PROD

Certificate Febelsafe Membership 2017